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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bulletin Board

Hey, all my avid readers! I need help! I'm trying to come up with classroom decorating ideas. I don't want just a room with blank walls. I'm also severely on a budget and don't have past items to use! Right now I'm thinking about a bulletin board, but I'm just not sure what to do. Nothing cheesy like, well, I don't want to give examples because some of you may have used those ideas! But I'll have 8th graders and want my room to be an enjoyable place to learn: comforting but clean. Any thoughts?


Amy said...


What about using old newspapers as a "wallpaper" for your bulletin board, with maybe just a solid color border and use that bulletin board to display your classroom policies and procedures, sports schedules, etc...?
Another idea: decorate a bulletin board in school colors or colors of your choosing and use the board to display samples of student work.
And another: Kids (no matter how old they are) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stickers! Maybe you could get a Yellow Jacket logo and make a bunch of copies. And then when a student makes his/her first A on a test, they get to put their Yellow Jacket (with their name on it) on the bulletin board. Then each subsequent time they get an A on a test, they get a sticker to place on their Yellow Jacket....
I can TOTALLY understand about being on a tight budget. When you get down here and get a chance to go to the school, check with the librarian to see what she may have as far as items to help decorate your room. She may have colored butcher paper and other items. I remember the librarian at VHS had a machine (I think it was called an Ellison machine or something like that) that you could use to cut out letters to do the lettering for titles on bulletin boards, etc.
Also, look at Dollar Tree or Big Lots for inexpensive classroom decorating items. Sometimes you can find some cute borders, stickers, etc... and don't necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg.
Hopefully I have helped a little and haven't rambled on too much.
CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES! If you need anything else or want to bounce ideas off of someone, just let me know. I'd be happy to help in any way that I am able.


Nancy Full said...

I teach fifth grade language arts so my students are younger than yours. I've started blogging my classroom decorating ideas. I don't know if any of these will help, but they might get you thinking. You can check out my blog at