Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spider Monkey

I wanted to take a moment to introduce the newest member of our family, Tyrone Prothro Ainsworth. Yes, Tyrone. She a feisty little furball who gets her name from former Alabama wide receiver, Tyrone Prothro. Much of the time we refer to her as Ty, however. Or as my endearing husband likes to call her--Spider Monkey (look at her face!). Ty once fit inside my palm, but she's gotten big and fast quickly! She keeps us on our feet--when she's not attacking them, that is! Her favorite toys are a brown paperbag, toilet paper rolls, and a paper towel roll. (She's easy to entertain.) Last night I found her on top of a mattress standing against our guest room wall. Meowing like crazy, she was scared and couldn't figure out how to get down. Ty also has to be near someone at all times; her favorite place to relax is in our bathroom while I'm getting ready for work. We have had toilet paper casualties thanks to her claws! Enjoy the pictures! (Note that in the last shot, she has a yellow item stuck to her belly--it's a corn pop! I threw one of the floor and faster than she could have eaten it, it disappeared! We found it 5 or 10 minutes later when she was playing on the floor and I caught a flash of yellow!)