Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boys will be boys

Forgive me for posting twice in one day, but I just couldn't resist putting up pictures and telling stories about our two godsons, Devin (left) and Thomas (right). Both of them have the most expressive eyes! Devin is David's sister, Christina's, youngun' and will be 3 in November (so yes, he's also our nephew!). Thomas is related (it's a long and difficult story), and we love him like a nephew! He's 5, just graduated from Head Start, and has an amazingly vivid imagination and wonderful memory! Two weekends ago, David and I were on the Coast and picked up Thomas to take him to see NaNa (David's mom). As we're driving, he suddenly bursts out with, "I hate when my nose is f__ed up." David and I freeze, look at one another, back at Thomas, and ask him to repeat what he had said (seriously, we thought we misunderstood. Boy, did we wish we had!) Thomas says it once again. Then, just as David's about to discipline him (we really do have the freedom to do so), he comes out with, "Well, I just hate when my nose bothers me." So we tell him that's not appropriate to say, then ask where he heard such a thing. His reply? "Nowhere. This stuff just comes to me!" No lie. I would never be able to make this story up. The radar detector on the dash suddenly starts going crazy, Thomas covers his ears, and says, "What's that? It makes my ears hurt!" David's brilliant reply is that it goes off whenever someone says a bad word. Thomas puts his hands in his lap and drops his little head in shame. I felt so badly for him! He perked back up right before we got to NaNa's. After a nice visit of 3 hours or so, we had to get Thomas home. As we're driving yet again, the detector goes off, Thomas whips his head around to look at us, and spits out, "What?! What bad word did I say?!" Out of the mouth of babes! So I do damage control and simply explain that the radar detector tells us whenever a police car is around, etc. I told him David was just pulling his leg, teasing him, and he tells David, "I do NOT want my leg pulled!" It was an entertaining ride home, to say the least!

One other funny Thomas story: the other night David was on the phone with his mom, and she mentioned that Thomas called her the Sunday we left wanting to know when we'd be back. We had promised to come spend more time with him, especially since we'll be moving back to Ocean Springs. Apparently Thomas thought we meant we'd be back within a day or two and he was upset. So my mother-in-law told him we would be back in 2 weeks; Thomas asked how long that was. When he was told 14 days, he said, "Okay, I'm going to go put it on my calendar!" I can pretty much assure you he did exactly that! Oh, my. Boys!