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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Job Situation

I am not a good blogger; this is not my gift. But I do know there are a few of you that read this and sometimes it's therapeutic to write out my thoughts.

For the first month we were here, any time anyone (mostly family) called, the first question was, "Have you found a job yet?" No. The answer was always no. But based on what a principal told me, the main hiring time was late May-late June and again in late July. So I wasn't panicking. Except that now as of June 19, I've still yet to receive a single call from any of the billion districts (and 90+ middle schools) that I applied to. Not one public school interview.

Why is that?

Because God had a different plan. A plan I never would have dreamed of because David and I had laid out, in detail, OUR plan for our lives here in TX. And I'm sure God laughed. So He fixed those plans.

As of about two weeks ago I accepted a position with Trinity Christian Academy in Willow Park, TX. Trinity is fabulous. However, I never imagined I'd be teaching at a private school, or teaching as many things as I will be! I'll be doing two classes of English 7 (divided actually into 2 classes of grammar/comp and literature=4 total periods), an English III (American Literature, 11th grade) class, and a Pre-AP II (sophomores) class. I think I have those grades right. I know the courses are correct. And I have the books and resources to prove it!

Right now my life consists of planning. planning. planning. And getting excited about things like projects found on the internet connecting different Puritan writers! I'm a little nervous about reading essays, inputting grades, reading the selections myself, and planning lessons in a 45 minute planning period. So I'm doing as much groundwork now as I can!

Between my new position and the insane amount of books David will be reading, it ought to be an interesting year. I'm definitely seeing the reasons why God placed me at Trinity, though at first I was very hesitant. Hayden is going to go to Pre-K (5 days) at the elementary campus for actually less than we were going to have to pay for him to do Mother's Day Out with the extended care and someone to keep him Monday afternoons on campus. He has to wear uniforms which makes my decisions easier, but unfortunately, they have to come from designated suppliers. Boo.

Anyway...Go Eagles!


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