Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012


2.6. Only 2.6 more days with my 7th graders. While I'm actually very ready for the end with my darlings (that sounds awful, I know), it also means we're THAT much closer to leaving the US. We just found out today that for our Visas we have to have passports. For us, that's not a huge deal; it does mean we have to trek to NOLA this week to get Hayden's. Nothing like last minute, right?!

We had a "scare" with housing, but praise God, the lady we initially spoke to about her apartment dropped the rent! It's a long, detailed story, but we know for sure that we're back in the apartment we were planning for in the beginning. It was also very humbling to know that not even having met us, she wanted us. She told our friend Conrad (who's doing the footwork in Coquitlam right now) that she desired for us to come in because she knew we would take care of the place.

Please be praying about work. David's clergy Visa doesn't allow him to work and that's fine. We knew it wouldn't. We can go "x" amount of months thanks to our partners where I don't necessarily have to work. But we have found a long-term sub position at a local Christian private school that would get my foot in the door and could possibly garner a full-time, full-school-year position the following fall. If I got this position, I would start in October and go through June. Pray for David too as he'd become a stay-at-home daddy and the housekeeper and cook! I don't know if he's ready for ALL of that on top of the church business that we'll be jumpstarting and pouring our lives into.

David leaves two weeks from this morning and Hayden and I leave in a little less than three. We have some major (teary) goodbyes in that time. God just continues to work everything out; we knew He would, but He still blows my mind!


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