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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dark early morning

I am writing this using my phone as I sit propped on a fold out bed in Conrad's apt in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. If there are errors, forgive me! I'm tired and even though it's already 6:30 am, it's still pitch dark. At home the sun is up, birds are singing, and Hayden would be informing me he needs breakfast!

I'll try to give a quick rundown of what we've done. We basically landed in Seattle at 2 am Saturday morning. Conrad picked us up and we all crashed in a nearby hotel for a few hours. I could've slept half the day but I couldn't wait to see the Pacific Northwest, so we go up and moving.

We toured Seattle for about an hour looking for a great local breakfast. Finally we just decided to start heading north and find food on the way. So much for local. We ate for our first time at Panera Bread! Good. Ate lunch food for brunch. On to Canada!

After a gorgeous drive, Conrad took David through a different border gate. I've never been so it's my first border gate! Of Canada, that is. No major wait, shockingly. The line headed south was at least an hour's wait. Our border agent looked like one mean joker, so we were honest and made eye contact. No big deal.

Since we had had less than five hrs sleep, David declared he need coffee, so Tim Horton's it was. I got a white hot chocolate. So yummy! Then we drove to Conrad's place, freshened up and sat for a min before heading out to look at future residences. In case you don't know, it's super expensive to live here. But we've seen a few options.

We had supper at Nando's, an awesome healthy chicken restaurant, and talked forever. Conrad took us to the mall that's within walking distance. Well, just about everything's within walking distance. I saw new places and sights, but much the same from home. That's reassuring. We called it an early night. Oh, and it was completely dark at 4:30. In the summer, though, it'll be light forever.

Today we share at a few local churches how God has called us here. We will make a few other stops and tonight is the community Christmas party. Tomorrow is probably Whistler. I've yet to take a picture! As of last night, we'd only be here for six hours. I'm blown away.


Katie A. said...

Praying for y'all and that this is a very safe and successful trip!