Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Normally, Santa comes earlier to Hayden's school, but this year, he came on the 23rd. We had talked and talked about Santa's visit, and Hayden was super excited...until he actually arrived! As with most children, he was fine with Santa from a distance, but once it came time to sit on the red guy's lap, we weren't so sure.

David tried to convince Hayden it was fine; Santa waved and was very patiend. Hayden was second to last to sitting on his lap out of the children in his class. Once Santa got him talking about Michael (our elf), Hayden was ready to go!

After he finished, Hayden had to repeatedly make his way back to Santa to high-five him!

We decided not to take Hayden to the mall to visit Santa there because we didn't want to confuse him. Hayden told us as we left school that Santa had gone to the North Pole, so we let it go. Not the greatest picture we could have gotten, but one of the directors also took shots and we'll get a copy of that later.

Merry Christmas, all!