Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last night, as I lay passed out in bed (after one exhausting week teaching and trying to control 7th graders), my husband came running in to change the channel on the tv I'd left on. You see, we are HUGE Alabama fans, and currently our team sits at #3. many people probably witnessed last night, Iowa State beat Oklahoma St. (#2) in 2 OT's. Jeepers. So out of a dead sleep I came. As I settled back into my "spot," I began thinking about all the cleaning I need to do before we host Thanksgiving Thursday for my family.

It's not just hosting Thanksgiving. And it's not the cleaning that had my thoughts churning last night. It's the huge fact that we are in our last months of anything in this house. This is the only home Hayden has known and in about 7-8 months, this house will no longer be a part of our lives. I'm trying to take as many pictures of stuff we do around here for him to remember where he spent (by that time) his first 3 years. We won't have this furniture in 6-7 months; we are going to update our rooms as we move; we are getting rid of just about everything. Hayden can do so much in this house, but when we live in Vancouver, our time will be spent outdoors.

It really is bittersweet; we are so excited to be going, but yet, it's hard to look around at the stuff (that's all it is really) that won't be with us any longer. Though, as an organizer, it's nice to know we will be getting rid of boxes of papers and junk!

This is a crazy process--church planting. Well, maybe it wouldn't be quite so crazy if we weren't moving 40 hours away! Regardless, it's all worth it.

Just a thought: Has anyone else ever had trouble cleaning knowing you were moving? I'm at this point, but I will not live in filth!


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