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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Potty Training

I'm sure everyone of you has PT advice, and I'd appreciate it. Hayden is only 20 months, but he has been showing definite signs of being ready. He's showing even more signs now that we've brought the potty chair into the equation. Tuesday, I decided I was going to go full force with potty training. I realize Hayden is still a little young, but there are a ton of reasons David and I felt he might be ready. (*I only did this on Tuesday---for a variety of reasons; I'm letting him fully dictate his readiness now.)

To make a long story short, Hayden might still be ready or not ready. I haven't come to a conclusive decision yet. But after very little prodding, Hayden is demonstrating more and more signs of ridding our lives of diapers. That would be an AMAZING way to start the New Year--no more diapers! I don't know if we'll make it by then, and I'm not going to force him to train. He initiates wanting to sit on the "big" potty and we do know the sign for "potty," which we're using.

My ultimate goal is to have him PT'ed by 2, if not before. I really think it'll be sooner rather than later, but if I know my son, pushing him to do anything means nothing is getting accomplished!

So, New Year's resolution #1? Being sensitive to Hayden's need and want to get out of that diaper! (Plus, diapers don't go up any further sizes for him if he outgrows 6's, and we can't afford to go strictly pull-ups!)


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