Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My husband and I are embarking on the adventure of Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University." I'm overwhelmed and anxious and way excited about it. We're learning things we knew years ago; doing them was another matter entirely, which is why we find ourselves where we are currently. That all sounds pretty depressing, I know. But it's not! I'm so thankful to have a game plan and to have stick to it and to be held accountable by a group. Money is a completely sensitive issue, but we're not in this boat alone! (Nor are we as bad as we could be, so I know we can get out of this mess.)

I foresee us in the coming months not living paycheck to paycheck, not merely trying to survive like so many people right now. That gives me such hope! It's not fair to Hayden and our future children for us to squander so much money. If I can make it through the next 3-6 months of getting on the right track, I think I'll find my attitude completely different and ready for the next year and the year after that and so on. We can be debt free soon! It's going to take a significant amount of prayer, willpower, discipline, and maybe even some heartache. Gosh, I LOVE stuff! It's amazing what I've talked myself out of since we found out we were pregnant and since (you know, you start going, "Oh, we need a changing table, so I don't really need new shoes or that purse or that 'whatever'."), but I think I'm about to talk myself out of even more! Would I love a new this or that? Absolutely! Is it vital to surviving today? NO!

Granted, I know this is all easier said than done, which is why I'm laying this out here. I can't tell you how thankful I am that we're doing this NOW, so that Hayden can see us model excellent money habits, and so that he starts off on the right foot as well. I'm also amazingly blessed to have a husband who's in this with me and who is ready to commit to the steps. I want to be completely different in so many respects when I go back to school in the fall. I must be a different person or I'll never make it!


Katie A. said...

Congratulations! You've made the first step. It won't be easy and there will probably be times you want to quit, however, know it is possible! Jarod and I paid off around $60K in a couple of years by following Dave Ramsey's plan. We now have our 3 months savings set aside and are working on our 6 months savings. I will pray for y'all to stay on track. Please let me know if you ever have any questions or just need some encouragement. I truly have a passion for helping people get out of debt...I'm by no means as knowledgeable as people like Dave Ramsey, but I have "been there, done that" and do have a passion to see more people debt free!