Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Best Statements of the Year...A Look Back

So I heard A LOT as a teacher. Much of what I heard consisted of back-handed compliments. (Don't you just love those?!) I've been thinking through this past year and wanted to share some of these statements/conversations with you. I think I have them ranked pretty well from 5 to 1. Enjoy, and be glad you didn't have some of my jewels!

5. "Your shirt is really busy." (Said by a female as she made a disgusted face. My response? "Why, thank you! My son really likes it!" This was when Hayden was about 3 months old and really liked the contrasting shapes and colors.)

4. "Ohhhhh, you straightened your hair today." (Said by same female after I had worn my hair curly for a few days. She obviously didn't like the change!)

3. I put together a slideshow at the beginning of the year to introduce me and my family to my students. There's one picture back from our dating days. At least one male in every class remarked, "Wow, Mrs. Ainsworth, you were really hot back then!" Sigh.

2. Another female checking out a picture of me and David on my desk. Again, from dating days at Bellingrath Gardens in AL. Again, when I had a ton of time to work out. Her reaction? "Oh, Mrs. Ainsworth! You were so...." "Skinny?" I asked. "Well, I was going to say 'pretty'...but you still are! No, really, Mrs. Ainsworth!!" She was grasping and trying to get the taste of shoe leather out of her mouth.

1. Said just last week by a male student. He was commenting on how big another teacher is (who isn't at all!) and then he looked at me and remarked, "It's okay you're fat, Mrs. Ainsworth, you've had a kid. It happens." Sheesh.

So that's why I'll be getting up at 5 AM to go to the gym! Night, everyone!
May 7th graders be better!