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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What NOT to Do

It's very early and I must finish preparing for work, but I just wanted to share a though that came to mind late last night. Through the scores of parent conferences I've been a part of this year, there is one overwhelming thing I've learned: what not to do with my children. I'm serious. I'm amazed at how many parents do not know how to deal with their children. "Well, we've tried this and we've tried that, but nothing works." Well, you know what, parents? I only have an almost 11 month old, but I know that parenting is HARD!! And sometimes, no, 2 or 3 discipline methods will not work. Keep going!

These thoughts came after a particularly difficult and frustrating conference yesterday in which one of my8th grade boys is dating a senior. Yes, you heard me. No, he's not just bragging about it. It's true. HEADLINE: Senior girl dates middle school boy. UGH. (Shudder.) Anyway, mom was just like, "Well, what's a parent to do?" She shrugged her shoulders. I nearly came across the desk. I can't share too many examples, but just know I've learned some things to avoid when it comes to Hayden and future kiddos!

PS. He'll be 11 months old TOMORROW!!


Katie A. said...

Wow...why would a Senior girl want to date an 8th grade boy anyway? Craziness! But yes, I have to agree, and I'm not even in a field like you where I have to deal with it on a daily basis, that parents these days just DO. NOT. CARE. They try one or two things if they try that and then give up and hope that someone else will step up and correct/raise their child. It's really quite ridiculous!