Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break & Growth Spurt

Spring Break is finally here! An entire week with Hayden and time to clean my house top to bottom! Yes, I'm actually excited about that!

We also have a 1st birthday party to plan. Any tips, suggestions, and cost-cutting ideas? Please share! I have some in mind, but I have to do some looking this week at some things. I took his clothes that do not fit anymore out of the nursery; yes, so, he doesn't have nearly has much clothing as I thought! So church clothes, short/shirt sets, t-shirts/polos, and books are on the birthday wish list! He received these amazingly cute 18 mo. smocked overalls at a shower, and we decided to try them on him today just because. Thank goodness it's warm enough because he MUST wear them to church tomorrow since there may not be another time to wear them. I also bought a Carter's 24 mo. pair of dressy overalls that he'll be wearing next week for the same reason!

And finally (and quickly, since Hayden's waking up), baby boy must have hit a growth spurt because all he wants to do is eat and sleep. He slept from 7:30 last night with no wake ups until 6:30 this morning, then took a nap from 9-10 (which he's been skipping lately), and he's been down now since noon and it's 2:10. He could walk if he'd let himself and cruising around the furniture and using one of his riding-to-walking toys gets him pretty much anywhere. Oh, and he loves the baby that lives in the full-length mirror in the master bath and the baby that appears every night when daddy gets home in the mirror above daddy's chair! Hayden has this infectious laugh that I want to capture forever!!