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Sunday, January 18, 2009

As a parent-to-be

As a parent, more specifically, as a mom-to-be, new thoughts crowd my mind every day about raising and caring for our son. Last Tuesday night I was in such horrible pain in my left lower abdomen. Too far along to be considered a miscarriage (and with no bleeding), I couldn't discern what was going on. David and I combed the internet for an answer. At one time the pain brought me to my knees and tears to my eyes. David asked about 11 PM if I wanted to go the emergency room. I told him not yet because the hurt was subsiding some, but if I was still hurting in the morning we'd call the dr. Thankfully, I was fine by Wednesday morning. However, I slept very little that night because I kept waking, trying to feel Hayden. I was terrified something had happened to my son. (All I could think about was the story my grandmother shared about her son Mitchell who was stillborn. She can remember being able to move him in her abdomen with him never responding. Yeah, I was having some crazy thoughts Tuesday night.)

So anyway. My world right now is consumed with everything baby related. And that brings me to the real reason for this post. While I'm ooohing and ahhhing over onesies and pimp outfits my grandma got for me yesterday, David forwarded me the link to a Caring Bridge website for a little girl from our church, Lexi Moore. I worked with Lexi and her twin Dalton when I served as the children's intern at First Biloxi. Intelligent, intelligent child. She is 6 years old and has a type of t-cell lymphoma. Please check out her site at This young girl, still such a baby even at age 6, has her entire life ahead of her. She's vibrant and active; a real spitfire. I can't help but want to be able to do something besides pray for her and her family. Her parents, Tara and Patrick, are wonderful. Thanks for remembering Lexi. Being the Debbie Downer that I am, I ponder what it would be like to be in such a position. Praise God for such a wonderful pregnancy thus far. And even with the small incident Tuesday night, nothing has gone wrong. May Hayden's life be as smooth.


Heather said...

My guess is that your abdominal muscles and ligaments were stretching...quite painful stuff. I had severe pain like that in both sides at about 17 weeks with Mattie Leigh and my ob said that it was just my muscles stretching. If you notice that your belly has grown in the last week, then the pain was just your body's way of making more room for a growing Hayden.