Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

With having an entire week off from school, I have a list of items I want to get accomplished. Numero Uno was getting the current office straightened up and moved into the second bedroom. I had most of that done by about 9 this morning. I had filing to catch up on, items to put away, and just junk to go through. The room was a disaster because I had gone on a mad hunt for the crib parts that I knew I had packed away somewhere. I had been looking for a good month when I found them accidentally as we pulled out our holiday decorations. They were definitely not where I suspected I had put them! So one crisis solved (because a new set of parts was going to run us about $100--waste of money).

We've also already decorated for Christmas. Outside we still have all our Thanksgiving decorations up since we're hosting my extended family, but inside it's Christmas everywhere! Our tree is up, our nativity is resting peacefully on the mantle, and snowmen abound. We did it Sunday night after church. I think mom and I are going to make some candy this weekend. Yum!