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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elephant Stitch

As I pondered how to write this post, you have to realize how goofy it's going to sound. How amazing is it that God would give David the most perfect spouse for him...and all because of an affinity for elephants? See what I mean? You're going, "WHAT??" Back in college at MC I was part of Kissimee, a tribe whose mascot is the elephant. My husband is an avid, no rabid, no head-over-heels Alabama fan. His passion is HUGE. And what is the Crimson Tide's mascot? Why, Big Al, of course! Throughout the years, we have collected a rather large family of elephants. Which is perfect because be believe we've found the nursery bedding we really want for Mady Grace. It's called Elephant Stitch and is pink and brown--a color combination I love! I have some detail stuff for the nursery already if we go with this set---some baskets (2 smaller square ones), a picture frame with 3 separate windows that can separately flip around so you can put 6 pictures in, and I really want to get a brown shelf so we can fill it with all our elephants for our sweet baby girl. David wants to get a massive elephant to fill a corner so Mady Grace can play with it as she grows. Who would have guessed how a love of elephants would so fill our lives. Oh, and Dave says our daughter's first words need to be "ROLL TIDE!" We'll see about that!

To see the bedding we love, check it out here:


beth spray said...

okay - so please realize how hard this is for me - a DYE hard auburn fan - to say, "i LOVE the bedding!!!" that is absolutely adorable!!!! we are so excited for you guys!!!