Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, September 22, 2008


So thus far I've had NO morning sickness. However, for the past few days I've felt so crappy. I'm nauseated and can hardly stay awake. Today I thought I was going to have to rush out of my class. I get to where I'm starving hungry, so I eat something (trying to be conservative), and then I'm afraid it's all going to come up. Sometimes I just wish it would! Okay, time for a Sprite.


Heather said...

um...that is morning sickness. you may not actually get sick, but the nausea and feeling really gross are still symptoms. it should all mostly be gone by about 12-14 weeks.

Anna said...

So sorry! I hate morning sickness. It's miserable, and no, it is not limited to just mornings. Ask your obgyn and he can prescribe medicine that helps with the nausea. The sleepiness... that just comes and goes the whole pregnancy. Hang in there!

Emily Beitz said...

You will still feel very tired for the rest of the first trimester. By the second trimester you will get some energy back, but will start to feel tired again in the the third trimester. It is all worth it in the end. I haven't had a chance to mail anything to you yet but I will soon. Miss you!!