Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Made a girl cry...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made a female student cry yesterday. It was such an odd day to begin with: starting on a Wednesday after a holiday weekend and a hurricane day added on to that. The kids were absolutely nuts. Anyway, I noticed notes circulating the classroom like crazy. It had been happening for some time, and I was tired of it. Plus, I was simply curious what was in these! So taking a cue from an idea my mom shared with me some time ago, I picked up the notes (already freaking the students out) and then handed out envelopes. Yep, they addressed these to their parents (and they try stupid stuff, like leaving out information. Hello! I can get it at the click of a mouse. This is simply to make them crazy.). I might at some point actually send these notes home, but this time was simply to get their attention. And boy, did it work! When I went into the cafeteria at lunch, one of the girls that had been writing a note was in tears. She also came to me later and we talked. This young lady gives me attitude all the time, and maybe, just maybe, I broke her. At least for a little while. Now we're down to 2 days left this week. I have to go to Hattiesburg Saturday for my monthly alternate route meeting. Whoo-hoo. And then next Tuesday I have a meeting in Vancleave. Oh, the fun of meetings and giving up afternoons and weekends.