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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hips & Lips

What a long week. Long and short all at the same time. Fridays are the worst. Well, the best because it's the weekend but also the worst because the kids are just buck-crazy. I mean, all their faculties fly out the window. We had a vocabulary test today, and it was difficult. Okay, it was just plain hard. I was given this test by my mentor and all English classes took it, but man, I don't know if I could have passed it! So then I caught 2 students cheating, nearly gave my entire 2nd block all 0's becuase they were incapable of hushing during a TEST, and also made that same class do "hips and lips" on our way to the library. Ever hear of hips and lips? One hand is on the hip (so it's occupied), the other is over the mouth, much like you had to do in Kindergarten when your pointer finger was placed there. I stole this idea from the Mother's Day Out program at Trinity. Let me tell you, it worked wonders. I had been threatening it and finally employed it. And buddy, 8th grade football and basketball players sure look funny trekking through the school with one hand on a hip and the other on the lips! And plenty of administrators, other teachers, and fellow students saw them. Ahhh, the silence. Next week we start short stories; I'm very much looking forward to the little break from grammar.


Amy said...

Keep up the good work, Jamie! I had never heard of "Hips & Lips" before now... Sounds like it worked. I can just picture it now. They'll come around soon enough.... By the way, are you in Alternate Route classes with a guy named Tim Edwards? The reason I ask is that his wife Brandy is the niece of my friend Sheila from work. Just wondering. It's really a small world sometimes, isn't it?

Take care,

Jamie Ainsworth said...

I am in the same class with Tim! We even actually went to MC together. He transferred from Hinds and me from Senatobia to the H'burg AR class. I don't like it as much, but at least I know someone!!