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Friday, June 6, 2008

I underestimated

To all my teachers and friends who are teachers--I understimated. I underestimated nearly everything you did/do for your classroom. I underestimated just how much time and energy and creativity it takes to shape young minds and get them excited about learning.

I'm one week down in my class to get my one year license via alternate route, and I'm exhausted. Of course, we're cramming like 2 years of education courses into a 3 week period and it's intense. On day 1 we were told that this class is pretty much like a boot camp. My instructors weren't kidding! I'm just thankful I know PowerPoint and other programs already. But making unit and lesson plans are simply stressing me out!

As an English "person", I've only had a few papers in my school career that looked like they were bleeding. Add another to that list today, only the ink was blue! I even switched verb tenses. How can I expect to TEACH English when I switch verb tenses?! Granted, it was a rough draft, but I wanted to smack my forehead. Jeez.

Then my instructors intimidate me. They smile and joke at the front of the room, then I get them one-on-one and I get blank stares and stoic faces. Ooooh, I feel comfortable. *sarcasm* But I can do this, I will do this, and I will make an impact in some student's life. Even if it's just one.
(The picture is one of the books that many teachers use as a vital resource; DeSoto Co. even gives a copy to every teacher. I would put a picture of my notebook--it's a lovely 2 inch binder crammed with information--but who wants to see that?)


Heather said...

Kevin got that book to read. And MC uses it too...Kristy had to use it for one of her classes. Apparently, it is pretty well respected.

Amy said...

Keep your chin up, Jamie! We know you can do this. We are all pulling for you. (By the way, we would LOVE to see a picture of your NOTEBOOK! :)

Amy, Robert, Robbie, & Evan
"The Echelberrys"

Heather said...

I bought that book and already read it! very overwhlming! i also understand the money thing. i am quitting wednesday b/c I have training at my new school till end of june, and so i will be out of work till august, and bobby is only working a few hours a week b/c he is in summer law school. it will be tight, but we can do it I think..I hope! We HAVE to!

Hey, I'm Kevin, welcome to my blog! said...

I've got the book - it has some good information in it... I liked it, at least. =) It helped me get a first-day plan together each of the last two years.

Jamie Ainsworth said...

Thanks for the sweet notes, everyone! I'll have to post pictures of my notebook when I have some time. It really is intense! But I am developing a lot of good, useful stuff. There's so much to remember in addition to your content material!