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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Okay, so I have no idea if that's the correct way to spell finished in, what, Spanish, or not. Maybe I just made that up! Anyways, I am. I am finished with my teaching course! It's rather bittersweet. We have been looking for this day for 3 weeks, but it saddens me because we have all become a pretty tight-knit group. We have our inside jokes, shared frustrations, and memories. We crammed so much into a small time period and spent the past 2 days presenting/teaching our peers. Quite intimidating, but I felt as if I thrived on it.

Panic started this morning when I arrived way early, walked into the commons, then realized I had left my bag with all my materials at home! There was no way on this planet to get what I had left---magazines, scissors, my group dividing materials---before my presentation at 8:30 (with class stuff before). Thankfully, I have a loving husband who rolled straight out of bed when I called at 7:50, slid on flip-flops, grabbed my bag, and drove the 25 minutes to bring my items to me. He saved the day! And then things went just wonderfully! In fact, I was even asked to present twice! That was quite the honor. My lesson was on persuasion in advertising and the use of logos. We played a fun group game that I copied/adapted from Guess the Logo (link). Seriously, check it out. I can almost assure you that you don't pay as much attention to details as you believe you do. And no cheating! (Pretend I said that in my teacher voice!)

I almost hate to go back to work Monday; not because of the people or anything, but I just hate sitting for so long. It's only for a few more weeks; another goodbye that will be bittersweet. But changes are a'comin' for so many. David and I are still searching for a house, and that is taking its sweet time. I'm not sure what will happen. I know God has the home for us, but it's definitely stressing me to still be looking! I'm so ready for a place to call home and know we'll be staying more than a few months (like when we moved from our old apartment to the one we're currently in). So many details, so little time! (So it seems.)


Amy said...


Congratulations on completing "teaching boot camp"! We are keeping y'all in our thoughts as you continue searching for a place to call "home". If we can help in any way, please just let us know.


Heather said...

It stinks looking for a house. Kevin and I are in that same boat. We've found several that we really like; it just comes down to whether or not we can afford them or not. We have been pre-approved for a loan, so that helps a little. Has David been able to find a job on the coast yet? Glad that you're finished with the class and that it ended well!