Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Only He Can Provide

When I accepted the position at TCA, we knew there would likely be some significant cuts/changes in our life/budget to accommodate being at the right school for less money. And we were fine with that. But God has placed some incredible opportunities in our lives for the coming year. And He is refining us all and showing us what matters most.

I've learned that I pretty much need to voice my trust in order to see results. Let me explain before some of you get all spiritual and crazy on me. God and I talk regularly. But I've begun to note in the past months when I speak out loud my trust that my Father will provide, I see Him do so. (Not that God doesn't always see through and take care of our needs.) Two instances: the Tuesday before the Saturday we loaded the moving truck for Fort Worth, I was in the bathroom readying to run errands. God and I had a talk where I told Him, "Okay, God, I give this car situation to You; I have no idea how You're going to fix this, but You can." (We only have one vehicle; David was staying in MS and Hayden and I were to be in TX. Thus, the dilemma.) Literally, ten minutes later, David texted me saying a huge prayer request was answered. The car. The issue was solved.

Secondly, we knew we needed to account for the discrepancy in salary with my job. We knew David would work somewhere; not an issue. About a week ago, we spoke on the phone discussing the upcoming year. I said to my husband, "God will work out the details and give us what we need." We hung up, and a church called David immediately. And as of today, David has positions(s) that account for the money we had "lost."

There are still many unknowns, but I have no doubt He has been with us every step of the way, providing. Only He could do what He has done.