Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sense of Humor

I've learned much about God's sense of humor. We left Canada with plans to spend about six weeks at my parents' house before moving into missionary housing in Keller, TX, the beginning of April. We would then be moving onto campus at Southwestern. Things have changed much since early February.

We are with my parents, but I secured a long-term subbing position in 7th grade English at one of my former schools. We aren't leaving right at the end of this month, but closer to mid-April. David is now serving as the interim student minister at our home church (a process that happened almost literally overnight). He's doing an amazing job, and we feel so welcomed back.

My former principal has basically offered me a position for next school year, and David could have this job as long as he truly desires, but we know that if we don't go on to TX, we'll never leave. We will put off school again and again, just as we've done for the past six years. That can't happen again. Hayden and I are going to go on to TX, and David is going to spend the summer here with someone (we haven't worked out that detail yet).

We plan to move onto campus in August; I have contacted 90 middle schools (yes, 90, and they're within a half hour of campus). There are many, many details to figure out but we never dreamed we'd be in any position of making money while we're here. Since we have an entire house full of furniture to replace and coming semesters of school to pay for, we are blown away at God's provision.

Every time WE create a plan of action, God laughs at us...and then He gives us something insanely better. I'm so glad He knows what the coming months hold. I don't particularly want to spend the next several months separated from David, but we know it must happen.

Right now, a runny nose and sore throat that began with allergies, has progressed into something more, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, we don't have insurance at the time, so I'm doing as much OTC medication as I can. I honestly think I need rest more than anything, but my mom says she hopes I don't develop bronchitis. Here's to hoping more sleep, not talking, and prayer help me feel better soon. It's starting to really hurt to talk and swallow, and I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty!