Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Moving On Up!

Yes, folks, we have a place to live in Vancouver! It's actually just down the hall from the guy we're going to church plant with. We had initially planned to live a little ways away to reach another side of the city, but this works out perfectly.

David was planning to make a trip back to Vancouver in May for a conference and to house-hunt. However, we didn't hit BUY on the plane ticket we were looking at just yet. The next day (no really, the next day), our friend said he knew of a lady down the hall moving out of the city and wanting to rent her fully furnished apartment until next June when her daughter moves back from Toronto. Thank you, God!

So while we'll be in an apartment, and not a townhome, we won't be in a high-rise, at least not for the next year! This allows us to replace furniture piece-by-piece and save up to get something a little bigger (maybe) later on. Since I'll be doing the majority of the cooking for our group and our missionaries, this location is perfect. It also allows me to take Hayden to events at the Nakoma Club--the community clubhouse/gym/pool/etc.

I'm very happy with our new "home." The colors the lady has are a little crazy, so we're working with them and redoing a few things. The master bedroom is lavender with black furniture. I wanted a black and white bedroom with red touches, so now I'm thinking black with touches of purples. I can't wait to go (thriftily) shopping!


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