Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning a corner

I have hesitated to say anything about the topic I'm blogging about tonight. Hesitated for many reasons. One of my greatest faults as a mother is that I play the game of comparison. I read my froends' blogs, Facebook statuses, you get the idea and I see where Hayden is in relation to their children. I shouldn't. I know this, and yet I'm a glutton for punishment!

Hayden is a very verbal, intelligent child. But we have struggled mightily in one area: potty training. Hayden has a great deal of Holloway in him. What do I mean by that? Holloway's do NOTHING until it is their idea or they are completely ready. So why was I surprised houseboy should be any different? Because since Christmas a YEAR ago he has been telling us, "Potty! Potty!"

I thought, "Awesome! He will be trained by 2! Sweet! We are looking' good." So we tried. And tried. And tried again...during every extended school break and the summer we tried. No luck. He wasn't ready. I backed off. I just knew when he went back to school this past August he would be trained within weeks because all of his friends were going and school usually helps with this sort of thing.

It helped alright. It helped so much he only would go at school! And then he started going at church. But he would not go a single time at home. Until tonight. He has finally decided to be the complete big boy that he is! I think he knows what he's done the past year with potty training but we are finally seeing progress. HE told us tonight he needed to go, took himself, did it all, and we celebrated. Boy, did we celebrate. We have a little way before we're 100%, but I feel a weight has been lifted.

I'm so proud of him. He'll be three in April so I know he's on track, but it's been so hard because honestly, he looks about 4. I feel like people look at me crazy with him in diapers/pullups. I know I'm imagining this, but I know some of you mommies have certainly felt his way about some issue!


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