Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Via text tonight, David and I both discussed how we feel called to more. We've let ourselves become too comfortable and we've let ourselves like money and stuff too much. Children's ministry is weighing heavy on my heart; I don't like the person I'm becoming as a teacher. That's very difficult to explain and express, but just know I feel that way.

That said, I'm not sure what to do about getting back into children's ministry. Start sending out resumes?? Where? I'm going to meet and talk with the children's minister I worked under for a few years; maybe she'll have some wise advice for me. I'm not called to stay on the Gulf Coast; I know that much. But I have no idea where God will lead us.


GGFB said...

great post

Anna said...

All breakdowns lead to discoveries. :)

I've learned that where passion and God's peace align- that's where we are most useful.

"40 Days to the Work You Love" by Dan Miller is a great read to try to begin figuring it all out.

Anna said...

Ok- so this post is almost a day later, but I realized I quoted the book title incorrectly. It's "48 Days to the Work You Love." There ya go!