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Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway

My sweet, sweet husband has surprised me with a weekend away! He spilled the beans earlier this week on where we're going: Sandestin. This will be our first trip without Hayden, and it will be the first time I've been away from him overnight. It's going to be great, though. My parents are watching him, and bless their hearts, they're staying at our house, so Hayden's routine won't be too interrupted. But back to the details of our trip. Oh, wait, I have almost none! I know the location and that we're staying in a condo.

I definitely need a vacation; even my students noticed that I need a break (and that's saying a lot!). I told one class yesterday that my patience level was at a zero and they had better cut it out. Surprisingly, that worked! Yesterday was my Friday since all my regular and backup babysitters are either working or sick today. I took the day off, and Hayden and I are spending it together while I pack and do laundry and get things ready to go. I think it'll be good to have all day with him since I'll be gone 3 days. I think we'll meet my mom for lunch and just enjoy the day together.

Hayden seems to have no interest in crawling, and I find myself continually comparing him to other babies, which I know I can't do. He loves to stand up, and when he doesn't realize it, he balances himself and will lunge forward. I'm afraid we're about to have a walker! He could do it, but he freaks himself out when he realizes he's on his own!


The Haines said...

ooo, Girl! have a great time. Little man will be fine, so don't spend your away time worrying about how he is. And don't rush the crawling thing... it will come too quickly!

Jamie Ainsworth said...

It's just so weird to see Jenna Claire already rocking back and forth, and another friend's baby pulling himself up---at the same age as Hayden. But then I wonder if Hayden's size has something to do with it. He's huge! He's pulling himself up, but it's still slow. And while I think he's perfect, I still compare. Silly me. But we are SO looking forward to this weekend!

Katie A. said...

I know several people who's babies skipped completely over the crawling stage and went straight to walking. They were worried thinking their children were behind, but it was just because their child had no interest in crawling but was more interested in trying to figure the walking thing out! Have a blast on your trip! I'm trying to plan us a summer vacation to Sandestin, so I'd love to hear all about it when you get back :)

Brittany said...

yea for your get away! Baby boy is adorable!

tpillstrom said...

Have a great vacation! And don't worry about the crawling! Once he starts you'll be sad that he's growing up too fast! I know it's easier said than done. I'd give anything to have just one of my boys at Hayden's stage again!