Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making it....

Please no one take offense to this, but I definitely understand why God intended for parenting to be a two person deal! David is having a fabulous time at Catalyst, and I'm a single parent until basically Saturday morning. I miss my husband! He's wonderful at playing with Hayden, and it's such a relief to have an extra pair of hands. Everything seems so much more ominous, too, being alone. And the dog barks at everything, so at midnight when she goes beserk, I go beserk! But really, things are going fine.

On a school-note, I had to give two 0's on 9 weeks tests today due to cheating. Sigh. Now these students will fail.

The students are out Monday for "fall break," but we teachers have a work day. Bummer.

Hayden is so close to rolling everywhere! And he's teething pretty badly, so it's drool-city and he's fussy and not his normal self. But tonight he laid on the bed and cooed and laughed and yelled and just had the best time. I love those moments.

It's raining yet again. What happened to Sept. and Oct. being our dry months?! We had CruiseFest at FBC Biloxi, but as soon as we arrived, it started pouring. So we got a little, okay, a LOT wet, trying to get back into the truck!

Mom and I have been walking the Biloxi/OS bridge. Excellent workout and it will be even nicer when fall finally arrives!

And finally, I am so thankful to have a Target! I could have bought so much tonight, but I refrained. Hayden's really into monkeys, and I nearly bought everything I saw with one! I'll wait until I can take David and then we'll decide what to get! Christmas is just around the corner!