Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I hate MS day/weekend

Ahhh, yesterday. Yesterday I had a complete meltdown. We're talking I hated everything. I especially hated south Mississippi. Coastal life has changed dramatically, particularly since Katrina. We also got a taste of a different lifestyle when we lived in Desoto County. So to come back to a "barren" landscape with very little to do has been, well, different. Obviously. And with preparing for a baby, extra money is nonexistent some months, and that's okay. I also had to go to my class in Hattiesburg for my alternate route license. Yesterday was #8 of 9. My very last one is March 28, when I will drive an hour and a half, be presented with a certificate of completion, and then drive another hour and a half home. Joy. That news just did not sit well with me. On top of everything else going on, primarily being tired, I received word from David that our lovely cat Tyrone help his phone take a dip in his cup of tea. The result? A completely dead phone. So the money we had planned to use this month for a dresser for the nursery was gone because we had to replace a phone. We didn't have a choice. He needs it for work and we have no house phone. So it's kinda like we're back to square one with about 7 weeks to go until Hayden gets here. It's simply frustrating. I had a rough week at school, and this weekend was just not filled with good news.

On the flip side, this afternoon we took family maternity pictures. I'm very interested to see how they turn out. We had a slight clothing crisis in getting ready, but hopefully, the results are good.