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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Internet Down & Recents

Our internet down and until we're back up and running I'm not able to post consistently. Here are just a few recent happenings:

Hayden's one year check-up went well. He's 28 lbs. and 33 in. long.

He knows how to shake his head NO very well.

He'll take about 2-3 steps on his own.

He is officially one and way too independent.

Transitioning to only sippy cups is not going well. Juice is fine, but milk in a cup is apparently not.

I'm so sick of 8th graders and every day is a struggle.

I'm going to be an aunt again in December!

There's more, but I'm tired and need to go cook supper. Take care, everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Parts of Speech Poems/Raps

I couldn't resist not sharing, so here goes! I took some creative liberty, but for the most part, these should be accurate!

A noun is a person, place, or thing,
Like the President, Mississippi, or a ring.

Very few people know there are 9 types of nouns,
Like singular, plural, possessive, and compound.

But wait, we're still not quite complete, for
There's collective, common, proper, abstract, and concrete.

When we think parts of speech we first think noun.
A word that replaces one is called a pronoun.

Nouns are found everywhere and in everything
From the mountains of Chile to the crowded streets of Beijing.

There's one last thing before I go
That I really believe you should know.

Don't forget that nouns can be an idea,
Like the hope for democracy in North Korea.

Sentences can become so monotonous
When certain nouns are repetitious.

You need a replacement for a tiresome word,
One that won't change the meaning when it's heard.

Fur types of pronouns will be introduced
To help keeps nouns from being overused.

Personal pronouns are I, me, my, he, she, and it,
While each, any, and other are indefinite.

This, that, these, and those make up the demonstrative,
But what, which, who, whom, and whose round out the interrogative.

Pronouns keep sentences from being boring,
So when they're read you won't find yourself snoring!

A verb is more than just what you do;
They work like linkers and helpers, too.

An action verb tells what action a subject is performing.
He sleeps soundly and rises early in the morning.

Action verbs can show ownership or possession;
These fall under mental action.

Linking verbs are not just the form of "be"
Because you have to connect discriptors to words like "he."

Grow, seem, stay, feel, taste, and turn...
How can I determine what type of verb?

Action or linking, how do I tell?
There's a little trick I knwo quite well.

Replace the word in question with another form of "be";
If your statement makes sense, a linking verb it was meant to be.

To describe a noun or pronoun
You need a modifier like tall or brown.

This modifier has a special name,
And no two ever need be the same.

I find absolutely no reason to fib,
When I tell you these words are called adjectives.

What kind? Which one? How many? How much?
Adjectives answer these questions and such.

Adjectives are quite the fun words
If you'll allow yourself some creativity,
For there's more than one way to describe stupidity!

How? When? Where? or To what extent?
How do I describe how I vent?

I must use another modifier
Like often, right now, sometimes, or never.

An adverb is a word that describes a verb,
But it also modifies an adjective or fellow adverb.

Many adverbs end in -ly,
Though that's not the only ending, so don't even try.

Some common adverbs are almost, seldom, quite, and very,
Again, away, down and already.

One word that's also this part of speech
Is the word "not" and that's no exception.
Don't let there be any misconception.

Adverbs can be quite the pill,
But don't you worry,
You'll get it still!

What do you do in a sticky situation?
Why, my dear, you use a preposition!

Where is my old, reliable car?
In the garage, on the road, or beneath the stars?

How do I show the subject's and verb's relation?
By using a cleverly placed preposition.

About, above, across, around,
Between, beyond, but, by, and down.

Over, past, since, through, throughout,
Up, upon, with, within, without.

These are just common prepositions
To help you along your mission.

Show the relationship between your subject and other sentence words,
Like where in placement to the tree are the birds?

Sometimes life leaves you reeling,
So you need a word to express strong feeling.

An interjection is what you need,
Like "Ow!" "Wow!" "Gee-whiz!" and "Please!"

Usually found at the beginning,
But not excluded from the ending.

So when life is in a happy state,
And you really want to celebrate,

Let out a loud "Yippee--ki--yi--yay!"
And maybe follow it with a little "Hurray!"

Oh, conjunction, conjunction,
What is your function?

To connect words
Like sparrows with birds.

You have three kinds,
So I do not mind,

Putting together words or groups
Like luau and hula hoops.

Correlative and coordinating,
Not forgetting subordinating.

Each serves a unique function
That's why they are called
A conjunction.

And, but, or, and yet
Are always used to connect.

Both/and, and either/or,
Don't forget neither/nor.

To start an adverb clause
Might just for a minute
Give you pause.

Until you use a little mate,
Like after, since, or when
To help subordinate.

Copyright 2010 Jamie Ainsworth

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nerdy English Teacher

I am a self-proclaimed nerd. For example, my students presented on the parts of speech this past week. Each group had one part of speech, and one of the requirements was to compose an original song, poem, rap, or skit. I thought they'd really get into it. A few groups did, but not many. Anyway, to prove it could be done, I wrote my own poems/raps on each of the parts of the speech. If you're incredibly bored, give them a read.

*Disclaimer: A few I nudged a little to make them rhyme, but I doubt many people would really know that!

Well, nevermind, I can't figure out how to copy and paste them here without retyping all 8! Any suggestions?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


When I titled this post earlier today, I had a different topic in mind: the E'Women's Conference I attended this weekend in Pensacola. Maybe I'll take time to further explain the thoughts that bombarded my already overflowing mind later (ie. emotion-based speakers and songs to tug at your heartstrings and make you cry every time you turn around, adoption, homelessness, anger, etc.--and probably not thoughts you would expect), but for now, this post will bear the same title though for a very different reason.

My parents finally got their Wii this past week. My mom and I are going to try to do Wii Fit as much as possible each week. I know I haven't lost the baby weight. In fact, I've even gained. I hate what I see in the mirror, and I know I'm not taking care of my temple...I'm destroying it. So anyway, today I had to weigh myself as I created my Mii. I've purposefully avoided doing this. Every time I open my closet and see racks of clothes I cannot wear, I cry. Ask my dear sweet husband who still tells me I'm beautiful how many times in the last year he's seen me cry over my weight. But I have a hard time believing it because I don't feel beautiful, not because I believe he's doing it to pacify me or to get something for himself.

I have been through weeks during the past year where I did work out, and my mom and I try to walk, but it's been difficult. I have excuses, and I shouldn't, but it's been a tough year on so many levels. But enough about that. I'm conflicted because I have this picture on my desk at school of David and me in college my senior year. I was hot. That has been the only time in my life I have felt that pretty. I don't even daresay beautiful, just pretty. Sad, huh? I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. And when you're a big girl and have a short haircut, well, assume what you will. BEEN THERE. But I realized today how much weight I need to lose to get back to my college weight. I don't want to even share that. I'm so disgusted with myself. So disgusted.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Pics

Just a few snapshots from our first Easter at a family of 3! It was a blessed day, but tiring! (They're backward from the day's events, but enjoy anyway!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby's First Easter...

Baby boy's first Easter was in a word...tiring. We wanted to get pictures of him this morning by the fountain at church and I wanted family pictures, but the day was quite dreary and humid. Plus, somehow we managed to run behind, so it left little time for anything!

The services at church were good. I hate the way this will sound, but they were the normal Easter service. We had people make their yearly or bi-yearly visit; there was floral in abundance; white shoes squeaked on the floors; and even a few hats bobbed their way through the doors.

Afterward, we hurried to Wal-Mart to pick up a cake to take to my grandmother's. Some of my family from Memphis was in and since they won't be here for his first birthday, we did a little (and I mean, little) party for Hayden. My grandfather's birthday was the 1st, so it was a joint celebration. We had lunch, then the traditional Holloway Easter egg hunt. The little kids take one side of the yard first, then the older grandkids take the other half when they're finished. In the past each egg had a slip of paper with a dollar amount in it. Some of us have racked up close to $100 before. This year each egg was worth a buck. It adds up quickly when over 600 eggs have been hidden! Plus, Hayden got to go with the "little kids" and Mommy got to go with the "big kids"! Unfortunately, he missed his main nap, so by 3:00 he was getting to be a pill, and we were having trouble speeding things along.

All in all, it was a very good day. My boys looked so handsome and matched in their light blue; I stuck out with my teal, but it was still a new top, which was nice! I will put a few pictures up when I can. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are on their way and I need to get ready for a busy week!

Happy Easter, all!